Fiorella Reyes

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We reported that tumor content of prothymosin alpha (ProT alpha) is a proliferation index of human breast tumors that might be used to identify patients at high risk for distant metastasis (Dominguez et al., Eur J Cancer 1993; 29A:893-7). In that study ProT alpha concentrations were measured by a RIA; here we present an alternative nonisotopic assay that(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Titanocene dichloride held great promise as a chemotherapeutic compound in pre-clinical studies. However, subsequent clinical trials revealed hepatoxicity and nephrotoxicity, which limited its use in clinical applications. Therefore, we used steroid pendant groups to improve the targeting of titanocene in MCF-7 breast cancer cells, and(More)
An exudative pleural effusion is a very infrequent form of presentation of constrictive pericarditis, and it can induce diagnostic difficulties. We present a 71 year-old woman with a pleural effusion attributed to be due to congestive heart failure which does not respond to the treatment. The pleural fluid had biochemical characteristics of an exudate. The(More)
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