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Regular physical activity can have positive effects on brain function and plasticity. Indeed, there is some limited evidence that even a single bout of exercise may promote plasticity within the cortex. However, the mechanisms by which exercise acutely promotes plasticity are not clear. To further explore the effects of acute exercise on cortical function,(More)
BACKGROUND Inadequate health literacy has been associated with poor management of long-term health conditions and has been identified as a key social determinant of health outcomes. However, little is understood about how health literacy might develop over time or the processes by which people may become more health literate. Our objectives were to describe(More)
BACKGROUND Antibiotic prescribing rates in care homes are higher than in the general population. Antibiotics disrupt the normal gut flora, sometimes causing antibiotic-associated diarrhoea (AAD). Clostridium difficile (Hall and O'Toole 1935) Prévot 1938 is the most commonly identified cause of AAD. Little is known either about the frequency or type of(More)
People from lower socioeconomic groups have worse survival outcomes for cancer, which in part reflects later-stage disease at diagnosis. The mechanisms underlying delayed cancer symptom presentation in lower socioeconomic groups are not well understood. Systematic review of studies of actual or anticipated symptom presentation across all tumour sites.(More)
Bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) is frequently used to monitor body fluid and body composition in healthy and clinical populations. BIS guidelines state that there should be no skin lesions at the site of electrodes, and if lesions are present, electrode positions should be changed. However, alternate electrode positions are yet to be reported. This study(More)
BACKGROUND Although there is published research on the methods markers use in marking various types of assessment, there is relatively little information on the processes markers use in approaching a marking exercise. This qualitative paper describes the preparation and experiences of general practice (GP) teachers who undertake marking a written assessment(More)
INTRODUCTION Incident reports contain descriptions of errors and harms that occurred during clinical care delivery. Few observational studies have characterised incidents from general practice, and none of these have been from the England and Wales National Reporting and Learning System. This study aims to describe incidents reported from a general practice(More)
Voronoi diagrams, found in the morphology of many biological structures, produce natural-looking networks of cells in two dimensions. But creating three dimensional models of cell layers in biological tissue is difficult when the tissue has a complex shape. I present a new method that constrains a Voronoi diagram to an arbitrary surface. Unlike other(More)
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