Fiona Wong

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Ca(2+) influx through N-type Ca(2+) channels (CaV2.2) is known to be critical for transmitter release at many synapses. These channels are known to be localized to transmitter release sites, but their anchoring mechanism remains unknown. Recent studies have demonstrated that presynaptic organization is subject to interactions with the postsynaptic cell or(More)
A TCPdump file captures not only packets but also various " properties " related to the live TCP sessions on the Internet. It is still an open problem to identify all the possible properties, if ever possible, and more importantly, which properties really matter for the consumers of this particular TCPdump file and how they are related to each other.(More)
BACKGROUND Novel efforts and accompanying tools are needed to tackle the global burden of chronic disease. This paper presents an approach to describe the environments in which people live, work, and play. Community Health Environment Scan Survey (CHESS) is an empirical assessment tool that measures the availability and accessibility, of healthy lifestyle(More)
AIM To examine the effectiveness of interventions seeking to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, among young people in the European Union. METHODS For this systematic review, we examined interventions that aimed at STI risk reduction and health promotion conducted in schools, clinics, and in the community for(More)
BACKGROUND Sustainability is the core of a successful health-related intervention program. This study was conducted to evaluate the sustainability of interventions of the Heart Health Promotion from Childhood (HHPC) project, one of the 10 interventional projects of the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program. METHODS The evaluation of HHPC included administrating(More)
The mechanistic details of many polyketide synthases (PKSs) remain elusive due to the instability of transient intermediates that are not accessible via conventional methods. Here we report an atom replacement strategy that enables the rapid preparation of polyketone surrogates by selective atom replacement, thereby providing key substrate mimetics for(More)
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