Fiona Williams

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The aim of the present study was to assess the factors which may influence the timing of the introduction of solid food to infants. The design was a prospective cohort study by interview and postal questionnaire. Primiparous women (n 541) aged between 16 and 40 years were approached in the Forth Park Maternity Hospital, Fife, Scotland. Of these, 526 women(More)
To identify a range of attitudes and beliefs which influence the timing of introduction to solid food, five focus group discussions were undertaken within a maternity hospital setting. These sessions explored early feeding behaviour, stimuli to changing feeding habits and subsequent responses in 22 primiparous and seven multiparous mothers (mean age(More)
Strip loins from 354 female bovine carcasses, selected to represent 30 skeletal maturity (A, B, C, D, and E) x marbling score (SA/MA/AB, MD, MT, SM, SL, and TR/PD) subclasses, were used to evaluate current and alternative systems for classifying cow carcasses into expected-palatability groups. Strip loins were vacuum-packaged, stored for 14 d postmortem at(More)
The purpose of this study was first to clarify postnatal trends in sera T(4), free T(4) (FT(4)), T(4)-binding globulin, TSH, T(3), rT(3), and T(4) sulfate levels in cord and at 7, 14, and 28 d in groups of preterm infants at 23-27 wk (n = 101), 28-30 wk (n = 196), and 31-34 (n = 253) wk gestation, and second to compare these trends to those of term infants(More)
Yearling feeder steers (n = 324) representing nine frame size (Large, Medium, Small) x muscle thickness (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3) subclasses were serially slaughtered at 28-d intervals during a 140-d finishing period. Weights for total dissectible (TDF) and subcutaneous fat (SQ) from each of nine wholesale cuts were recorded. Resulting data were analyzed using(More)
CONTEXT Transient hypothyroxinemia is the commonest thyroid dysfunction of premature infants, and recent studies have found adverse associations with neurodevelopment. The validity of these associations is unclear because the studies adjusted for a differing range of factors likely to influence neurodevelopment. OBJECTIVE The aim was to describe the(More)
Feeder steers (n = 189) representing nine frame size x muscle thickness subclasses were started on a high-concentrate diet as calves, yearlings, or long yearlings and slaughtered at a constant s.c. fat thickness (13.5 mm) to determine the effects of feeder cattle frame size (large, medium, small), muscle thickness (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3), and age class on(More)
CONTEXT Mild maternal thyroid dysfunction during early pregnancy is associated with poor neurodevelopment in affected offspring. Most studies are population based or are smaller populations of term/late preterm infants. No studies were found that focused on more preterm infants. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to describe the relationship between mild(More)
Our objective was to assess junior doctors' perceptions of their antibiotic prescribing practice and of bacterial resistance. We surveyed 190 postgraduate doctors still in training at two university teaching hospitals, in Nice (France) and Dundee (Scotland, UK), and 139 of them (73%) responded to the survey. The main results presented in this abstract are(More)
Non-suicidal self-injury is a risk factor for more severe self-injury and later suicide, yet is relatively under-researched in non-clinical populations. In order to prevent more severe self-injury and later suicide, understanding of non-suicidal self-injury is imperative. This study aimed to examine whether coping skills, emotion regulation and alcohol use(More)