Fiona W S Chan

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We have demonstrated that FMISO uptake is significantly higher in tumor tissue in the C6 intracerebral glioma rat model compared to normal brain, and that there is persisting hypoxia in gliomas independent of tumor size. FMISO uptake was observed homogeneously throughout viable glioma tissue in tumor sizes ranging from 2mm to almost 1cm. Quantitation of(More)
INTRODUCTION The mortality rate after oesophageal perforation is high despite advances in operative and non-operative techniques. In this study, we sought to identify risk factors for hospital mortality after oesophageal perforation treatment. METHODS We retrospectively examined patients treated for oesophageal perforation in a university teaching(More)
Frequency compression (FC) is an effective alternative to conventional amplification for patients with severe-to-profound middle- and high-frequency hearing loss and with some residual low frequency hearing. The present work investigated the underlying factors accounting for the intelligibility of FC-processed speech. Eighteen normal-hearing participants(More)
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