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Constraints on the structure of rifted continental margins and the magmatism resulting from such rifting can help refine our understanding of the strength of the lithosphere, the state of the underlying mantle and the transition from rifting to seafloor spreading. An important structural classification of rifts is by width, with narrow rifts thought to form(More)
Mogok gem corundum samples from twelve localities were analyzed for trace element signatures (LA-ICP-MS method) and oxygen isotope values (δ 18 O, by laser fluorination). The study augmented earlier findings on Mogok gem suites that suggested the Mogok tract forms a high vanadium gem corundum area and also identified rare alluvial ruby and sapphire grains(More)
This research program examined the effectiveness of the Recovery is Possible for Everyone(RIPE) a community based transdiagnostic group treatment program for adults with eating disorders. Study 1 used retrospectively collected clinical data to evaluate the effectiveness of two versions of the RIPE program, the original CBT-based program and a more recent(More)
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