Fiona McMahon

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Evidence suggests that small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have failed to capitalize on the Internet to facilitate the management of customer relations (e-CRM) and the creation of competitive advantage (Chen & Popovich, 2003; Geiger & Martin, 1999; McGowan et al., 2001; O’Toole, 2001). This is attributed to a lack of influence, time, finance and(More)
The potential of the Internet to transform marketing practice is well-documented (Hoffman & Novac, 1997; Zineldin, 2000). It is argued that the exploitation of the Internet’s interactive and relationshipbuilding properties contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty and hence, marketing success (Arnott & Bridgewater, 2002). Evidence suggests, however,(More)
There are many user interface design and development principles within the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). When implementing a project, it can often be difficult to ensure that these design principles are being considered and that a positive user experience is being achieved. This paper outlines the proposition of an interactive HCI audit tool(More)
This paper outlines the design of a simulator to allow for the optimisation of clinical workflows within a pathology laboratory and to improve the laboratory's efficiency in the processing, testing, and analysis of specimens. The aim of this research project is to determine whether the simulator can improve clinical workflows since it's design is based on(More)
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