Fiona Macdonald

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The aim of this study was to determine whether word stem completion for novel associations between cue and target words was mediated by automatic unconscious memory processes or effortful memory processes under conscious control. This was done by applying full and divided attention conditions at test to stem completion, cued recall, and recognition, and by(More)
BACKGROUND Coopering is a physically demanding trade which has existed for >500 years. Anecdotal clinical evidence suggested increased prevalence of upper limb disorders in the population of coopers in one organization. AIMS To investigate the prevalence of upper limb disorders in coopers and non-coopers. To identify differences in prevalence, and any(More)
Standards for assessing and managing suicide risk were developed and incorporated into a guidance manual for general practitioners. The effects of the manual on opinions and practice were evaluated using a quasi-experimental controlled before/after design, comparing participating general practitioners with others who did not use the manual. Thirty four(More)
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