Fiona L Powell

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The terminal differentiation of myelinating glia involves complex interactions that culminate in the formation of myelin. The POU domain transcription factor Tst-1/Oct-6/SCIP is expressed transiently during myelination, and we report here that it has a critical role in this developmental process. Deletion of the Tst-1/Oct-6/SCIP gene produces a severe(More)
OBJECTIVE Polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1) is a regulator of the cell cycle that has been implicated in the pathology of many cancers. We have investigated whether this kinase plays a role in multiple myeloma (MM) using the Plk1 inhibitor BI 2536. MATERIALS AND METHODS We have used six MM cell lines and six patient-derived samples to determine the effects of the(More)
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