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A successful short-term solution to transmission of AIDS in Western Africa by migrants involves provision of accessible and acceptable basic health and social services to migrants at their destination. The aim is to establish a sense of security and community, which is a health requirement. When migrants are excluded from community life or victimized as(More)
BACKGROUND The importance of respecting women's wishes to give birth close to their local community is supported by policy in many developed countries. However, persistent concerns about the quality and safety of maternity care in rural communities have been expressed. Safe childbirth in rural communities depends on good risk assessment and decision making(More)
PRESENT CASE. The patient, D. G., born on 1st January, 1929, is the second child in a family of three sons and one daughter of well-to-do parents. There is nothing of importance in the family history or the previous history of the boy. Before his present illness he was in good health, was about 5 feet 9j inches in height, and weighed, in his clothes, about(More)
THE ideal of Medicine is the prevention of disease, and in our daily lives each of us is striving towards the goal of healtlh. Everyone is directly involved in the eternal struggle against disease, and happily nowadays people appreciate that the forestalling of it is more signiificanit than its cure or care. Much has been done to rid the world of illness,(More)