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The aim of this work was to discover whether genetic manipulation of 6-phosphofructokinase [EC; PFK(ATP)] influenced the rate of respiration of tuber tissue of Solanum tuberosum L. Transgenic plants were produced that contained the coding sequence of the Escherichia coli pfkA gene linked to a patatin promoter. Expression of this chimaeric gene in(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examines the awareness and self-report knowledge of physical activity (PA) guidelines among adults with rheumatic conditions and evaluates rates of adherence to PA recommendations. Secondary aims include (i) investigating perceived benefits and barriers to exercise and (ii) exploring correlates associated with PA. METHODS This(More)
OBJECTIVE Sleep disturbance and chronic fatigue are common in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and contribute to disability, symptomatology, and healthcare use. It has long been recognized in other populations that exercise can improve sleep and diminish fatigue. The effect of exercise on sleep quality and fatigue in RA has not been evaluated. METHODS Ours is a(More)
Protein synthesis in H9c2 heart-derived myocytes responds biphasically to arginine vasopressin (1 microM). An initial 50% inhibition attributable to Ca(2+) mobilization from the sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum is followed by a recovery that subsequently converts to a 1.5-fold stimulation. This study was undertaken to ascertain whether vasopressin(More)
The effects of nerve growth factor (NGF) and dibutyryl cyclic AMP (DBC) on the density of cytoskeletal structures in cultured dorsal root ganglia were examined using morphometric techniques. After 24 hr in culture, NGF-treated neurites were longer than either DBC-treated or control neurites. At 48 hr, neurites produced in response to NGF and DBC were of(More)
We have modified the Lowicryl K4M low-temperature dehydration and embedding procedure for immunoelectron microscopy to provide improved ultrastructural detail and facilitate the localization of actin and tubulin in isolated rat adrenocortical cells, chick spinal cord with attached dorsal root ganglia (SC-DRG), and cultured dorsal root ganglia (DRG). Cells(More)
Immunization of rats with native bovine type II collagen results in a polyarthritis by day 21 in approximately 40% of the rats. Sera of these rats contained anticollagen IgG, principally IgG2a. Small amounts of IgG2b were also detected, but IgG1 and IgG2c were absent. By enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, the paw tissue of these polyarthritic rats was shown(More)
OBJECTIVE Increased body mass index (BMI) in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is associated with a greater burden of symptoms and poor perceptions of the benefits of exercise. In AS, the effect of obesity on disease characteristics and exercise perceptions is unknown. We evaluated the prevalence of obesity in AS, to assess the attitudes of patients(More)
The A band of skeletal muscle consists of an array of thick myosin-containing filaments along with non-myosin proteins such as C protein and M line protein. In order to study the arrangement of the myosin and non-myosin components, A segments which are aggregations of thick filaments held together at the M line were prepared from glycerinated chicken(More)
Antibody prepared against troponin-C, the calcium binding component of the troponin complex, was reacted with I band segments, and the distribution of antibody binding was assessed by immuno-electron microscopy. The I segments were isolated from glycerinated pectoral muscle which was prepared from normal adult chickens and from dystrophic chickens of strain(More)