Fiona J. Tweedie

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This paper reports an experiment in authorship attribution that reveals considerable authorial structure in texts written by authors with very similar background and training, with genre and topic being strictly controlled for. We interpret our results as supporting the hypothesis that authors have ’textual fingerprints’, at least for texts produced by(More)
Earlier research has shown that established authors can be distinguished by measuring specific properties of their writings, their stylome as it were. Here, we examine writings of less experienced authors. We succeed in distinguishing between these authors with a very high probability, which implies that a stylome exists even in the general population.(More)
This is a methodological study addressing the appropriateness of standard by-subject and by-item averaging procedures for the analysis of repeated-measures designs. By means of a reanalysis of published data (Schreuder & Baayen, 1997), using random regression models, we present a proof of existence of systematic variability between participants that is(More)