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Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin
Today Crimea. Tomorrow ...? Many Putin watchers believe that being able to anticipate the quixotic Russian president's next move - whether it's hosting another grandiose spectacle, crushing aExpand
The Siberian Curse: How Communist Planners Left Russia Out in the Cold
Can Russia ever become a normal, free-market, democratic society? Why have so many reforms failed since the Soviet Union's collapse? In this highly-original work, Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy argueExpand
Siberia: Russia's Economic Heartland and Daunting Dilemma
Siberia has loomed large in perceptions about Russia’s place in the world. Throughout Russia’s modern history, Siberia’s size—it encompasses more than three-quarters of Russia’s total territory—andExpand
Fear of democracy or revolution: The reaction to Andijon
In the wake of a May 2005 prison break, the subsequent protests, and a government crackdown in the city of Andijon, are there similar events on Uzbekistan's horizon with the potential to undermineExpand
Disarming the Bible-Bashers: Claiming the Bible for Australian Abuse Survivors.
Drawing on South African Contextual Bible Study and narrative therapy praxis, this thesis develops a biblical hermeneutic of abuse, applied to four Hebrew Bible texts in which abuse occurs. TheExpand
A Spreading Danger: Time for a New Policy towards Chechnya. CEPS Policy Briefs No. 68, 1 April 2005
The ongoing conflict in and around Chechnya is helping to feed the wider international jihadi movement, and is endangering the West as well as Russia. The next “soft target” of North CaucasianExpand