Fiona Fylan

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Many clients in optometry practice have reported that they do not receive sufficient information from practitioners to make informed purchasing decisions for corrective spectacles. The aim of this study was to identify participants' attitudes and beliefs towards visiting an optician and purchasing spectacles, to compare clients' and practitioners'(More)
BACKGROUND Unmet expectations are a major cause of client dissatisfaction, yet very little is known about the expectations and health values that clients in optometry practice hold about having an eye examination and purchasing spectacles. This study identified different attitudes and behaviours held by presbyope clients in optometric practices. METHOD A(More)
The partnership approach to health care, in which patients take an active role in decision making, can potentially improve patient satisfaction and adherence to clinician recommendations. However, the process can be impeded by insufficient or poor-quality information provision. This study explored participants' understanding of, and requirements for,(More)
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