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OBJECTIVE Sleep disturbance and chronic fatigue are common in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and contribute to disability, symptomatology, and healthcare use. It has long been recognized in other populations that exercise can improve sleep and diminish fatigue. The effect of exercise on sleep quality and fatigue in RA has not been evaluated. METHODS Ours is a(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examines the awareness and self-report knowledge of physical activity (PA) guidelines among adults with rheumatic conditions and evaluates rates of adherence to PA recommendations. Secondary aims include (i) investigating perceived benefits and barriers to exercise and (ii) exploring correlates associated with PA. METHODS This(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, the injury incidence and association with type and volume of training in international rowers were described. DESIGN A prospective cohort design was used over a 12-month period. PATIENTS 20 international rowers who were competing as part of the Irish Amateur Rowing Union squad system. METHODS The rowers were interviewed(More)
OBJECTIVE Increased body mass index (BMI) in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is associated with a greater burden of symptoms and poor perceptions of the benefits of exercise. In AS, the effect of obesity on disease characteristics and exercise perceptions is unknown. We evaluated the prevalence of obesity in AS, to assess the attitudes of patients(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative physical fitness is predictive of postoperative outcome. Patients with lesser aerobic capacity are at greater risk of postoperative complications, longer hospital stays, and mortality. Prehabilitation may improve physical fitness, but it is unknown whether enhanced fitness translates to an improvement in postoperative outcome. (More)
OBJECTIVES To identify the prevalence of hip disorders in elite level academy rugby union players using clinical and radiological investigation comparing findings to active controls. DESIGN Cross-sectional, controlled study. METHODS Participants were assessed clinically using validated questionnaire (HAGOS) and physical testing procedures. Active ROM of(More)
The 2010 Deepwater Horizon “British Petroleum (BP)” oil spill was a mega-disaster characterized as the petroleum industry’s largest-volume marine oil spill in history. Following a “wellhead blowout” that destroyed the drilling platform, 4.9 million barrels of petroleum flowed into the Gulf of Mexico over 87 days and the spill expanded to cover 68,000 square(More)
Exposure to carbon monoxide is a well-recognized cause of morbidity and mortality. Both acute accidental poisoning and chronic exposure are associated with a range of adverse health effects. We report two cases of carbon monoxide poisoning with the associated phenomenon of sensorineural hearing loss. Although hearing loss as a result of acute carbon(More)
Lumbar spine injury is common in rowers and examination of spinal kinematics may improve the understanding of this injury's prevalence. This study aimed to examine the range of frontal plane angular displacement (AD) in the lumbar spine at L3 during ergometer rowing and to investigate the effect of exhaustion on lumbar kinematics. Twelve elite male rowers(More)