Fiona E. Harvey

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A weight drop technique was used to produce a contusive injury of the spinal cord in the rat. A restricted laminectomy was carried out at T8 and the spinal column stabilized by clamps attached to the spinous processes of adjacent vertebrae. A 2.4-mm-diameter impounder was lowered onto the dura and a 10-g weight dropped 0.0, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10.0, or 17.5 cm(More)
Naturally occurring long-term mean annual recharge to ground water in Nebraska was estimated by a novel water-balance approach. This approach uses geographic information systems (GIS) layers of land cover, elevation of land and ground water surfaces, base recharge, and the recharge potential in combination with monthly climatic data. Long-term mean recharge(More)
Female mice were reared in observation incubators from day 1 of life for three weeks. During that time they were continuously exposed to the odors of either cyclooctanone, adult male mouse urine or distilled water. The growth rate was temporarily accelerated for the cyclooctanone-exposed mice. There was no difference in age at sexual maturation of the three(More)
M2DM (multi access services for telematic management of diabetes mellitus, ) is an EU-funded telemedicine project that aims at increasing the quality of diabetes care by improving communication between patients and caregivers. As part of this project, we have undertaken the initial work of describing the necessary requirements (framework) of an advanced(More)
presents the design for the integrated hydrologic observations database that is proposed for the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS). An independent review of this design was undertaken to evaluate whether the data model for hydrologic observations meets the needs of the CUAHSI community. Specifically the review sought to address whether the model is(More)
The contribution of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and its interrelation with HLA antigens in the development of chronic rejection (vanishing bile-duct syndrome--VBDS) was investigated in 101 patients surviving for at least 3 months after liver transplantation. A 1-2 antigen match for HLA DR antigens (30.9% vs 4.5% for zero DR match; p less than 0.002), a(More)
Losses to the US insurance industry from severe weather have far outstripped rises in premiums over the past three decades, and worse could come, insurers were warned on Thursday. A study of the insurance industry and climate change by the Ceres investor group, a coalition of activist investors with an interest in environmental issues, found that there was(More)
The design, implementation and assessment of a novel, two-track, reformed introductory biology sequence are described in this paper. Course reform was based on the recommendations by the 2009 Vision & Change report from AAAS. Both tracks were based on guided inquiry, with an emphasis on constructivist pedagogy. One track included only students entering(More)