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BACKGROUND The impact of developments in colorectal cancer surgery on length-of-stay (LOS) and re-admission have not been well described. In a population-based analysis, we investigated predictors of LOS and emergency readmission after the initial surgery episode. METHODS Incident colorectal cancers (ICD-O2: C18-C20), diagnosed 2002-2008, were identified(More)
BACKGROUND Linking medication databases to disease registries enables population-based pharmacoepidemiology research. In Ireland, country-wide dispensing data is available only from the means-tested government-medical cards scheme. This restriction may impact generalisability of analyses based on these data. AIM Gender was previously identified as(More)
BACKGROUND Radical prostatectomy (RP) is a leading treatment option for localised prostate cancer. Although hospital in-patient stays accounts for much of the costs of treatment, little is known about population-level trends in length-of-stay (LOS). We investigated factors predicting hospital LOS and readmissions in men who had RP following prostate cancer.(More)
OBJECTIVES We conducted a population-based analysis of time trends in length of stay (LOS), predictors of prolonged LOS and emergency readmission following resection for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS Incident lung cancers (ICDO2:C34), diagnosed between 2002 and 2008, were identified from the National Cancer Registry (NCR) of Ireland, and(More)
The criteria for allocation of medical cards to colorectal cancer patients < 70 were explored. All invasive colorectal cancers diagnosed during 2002-2006 (n = 4,762) were abstracted and linked to the PCRS master file to determine medical card status. Determinants of medical card possession before diagnosis were; age 65-69yr vs. 15-54 yr (OR = 3.95 (95% CI);(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare interval cancer rates from the Irish breast screening programme, BreastCheck, for the period 2000-2007 with those from other European countries. METHODS Data from BreastCheck was linked to National Cancer Registry breast cancer registrations, to calculate numbers of women screened, screen-detected cancers, and interval cancers, by(More)
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