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The developmental disorder of Williams syndrome (WS) is associated with an overfriendly personality type, including an increased tendency to approach strangers. This atypical social approach behaviour (SAB) has been linked to two potential theories: the amygdala hypothesis and the frontal lobe hypothesis. The current study aimed to investigate heterogeneity(More)
Can a health-care website stimulate its members to become a `community of care and caring', facilitating both medical `information' and personal `support'? This study of MSWatch.com provides conceptual distinctions about `ties' to a `community' and raises questions about communications designed to serve patients with Multiple Sclerosis. An online survey of(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacist prescribing has been introduced in several countries and is a possible future role for pharmacy in Australia. OBJECTIVE To assess whether patient satisfaction with the pharmacist as a prescriber, and patient experiences in two settings of collaborative doctor-pharmacist prescribing may be barriers to implementation of pharmacist(More)