Fiona Campbell

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OBJECTIVE To quantify the antiemetic efficacy and adverse effects of cannabis used for sickness induced by chemotherapy. DESIGN Systematic review. DATA SOURCES Systematic search (Medline, Embase, Cochrane library, bibliographies), any language, to August 2000. STUDIES 30 randomised comparisons of cannabis with placebo or antiemetics from which(More)
This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluated whether lamivudine given during late pregnancy can reduce hepatitis B virus (HBV) perinatal transmission in highly viraemic mothers. Mothers were randomized to either lamivudine 100 mg or placebo from week 32 of gestation to week 4 postpartum. At birth, infants received recombinant HBV(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to investigate whether the preoperative platelet-lymphocyte (P/L) ratio represents a significant prognostic index in resected pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. METHODS A total of 110 patients undergoing pancreatoduodenectomy for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma over a 10-year period were identified from a(More)
Epithelial cell responses to bacterial infection include induction of matrix metalloproteinase 7 (MMP-7). Here, we identify increased MMP-7 expression in the gastric epithelium in response to the oncogenic bacterium Helicobacter pylori, and report on the mechanisms and consequences for gastric epithelial cell migration. In patients infected with H. pylori,(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish whether cannabis is an effective and safe treatment option in the management of pain. DESIGN Systematic review of randomised controlled trials. DATA SOURCES Electronic databases Medline, Embase, Oxford Pain Database, and Cochrane Library; references from identified papers; hand searches. STUDY SELECTION Trials of cannabis given(More)
AIMS The current Royal College of Pathologists guidelines for pancreatoduodenectomy specimen reporting recommend that microscopic evidence of tumour within 1 mm of a resection margin (RM) should be classified as R1. No clinical evidence exists to justify this classification. The aim of this study was to identify the proportion of pancreatoduodenectomy(More)
BACKGROUND Pancreatoblastoma is a rare tumour mainly presenting in childhood but also in adults. OBJECTIVES The aim was to determine the clinical course of pancreatoblastoma by an analysis of reported cases. METHODS Patients with pancreatoblastoma were identified from Medline and combined with patients identified from the Royal Liverpool University(More)
Chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction is a syndrome in which symptoms of intestinal obstruction are present in the absence of mechanical obstruction. Lack of normal pacemaker activity, usually generated by the interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC), could account for the apparent obstruction. ICC are normally located around and between the myenteric(More)
BACKGROUND Delta virus (HDV)-related chronic hepatitis is difficult to treat. AIMS To evaluate the efficacy of lamivudine 100 mg daily on serum HDV-RNA, hepatitis D virus antibodies and alanine aminotransferase levels, liver histology, and on hepatitis B surface antigen seroconversion. METHODS Thirty-one hepatitis B surface antigen-positive,(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The pre-operative determination of resectability of pancreatic and peri-ampullary neoplasia assists the selection of patients for surgical or non-surgical treatment. This study investigated whether the addition of laparoscopy with laparoscopic ultrasound to dual-phase helical CT could improve the accuracy of assessment of resectability.(More)