Fiona Buchanan

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Acute hypercapnia was studied to assess its potential as a noninvasive and simple test for evoking neuroendocrine, cardiovascular and psychological responses to stress in man. A single breath of four concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO(2)), 5%, 25%, 35% and 50%, was administered to nine healthy volunteers in a randomized, single-blind fashion. Although no(More)
A double blind study in 28 patients with chronic schizophrenia was carried out comparing L-dopa (up to 1250 mgm daily) with placebo (both groups continuing to receive regular neuroleptic medication) over a six week period. Assessments by the psychiatrists and psychologist using Rockland and Pollin Rating Scale showed differential improvement of(More)
Apelin is a peptide hormone with cardiovascular and glucose homeostasis properties, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is complicated by cardiovascular and metabolic comorbidities. Plasma apelin has not been previously assessed in OSA. We investigated the response of plasma apelin to a 2-h 75 g oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and the effect of 3 months(More)
It should come as no surprise that when women who have raised babies in domestic violence come together to discuss the formation of relationships with their babies they raise issues of fear. Yet in current attachment studies about the formation of relationships between women and their babies, knowledge of fear based in lived experiences is undervalued. This(More)
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