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Globally, low participation in physical activity by adolescent young women is a major health concern. While the barriers to activity for this group are well documented, little is known about the views and experiences of nonathlete, but active, young women. In order to gain an understanding of young women's lived experiences of the relationship between(More)
Self-care is seen as a key element in managing resource demand in chronic disease and is also perceived as an empowering right for patients. The Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme developed in the USA has been adopted in a number of countries and in the UK has been as adapted as the Expert Patients Programme. However, despite its potential as a(More)
BACKGROUND Against the backdrop in the western world of increasing prevalence of chronic disease, active and informed patients and a policy emphasis on self-management, this English study explored health professionals' responses to expert patients. OBJECTIVES To: DESIGN A grounded theory approach was utilised with two concurrent data strands. SETTING(More)
Online technologies have facilitated the development of Virtual Communities of Practice (virtual CoPs) to support health professionals collaborate online to share knowledge, improve performance and support the spread of innovation and best practices. Research, however, shows that many virtual CoPs do not achieve their expected potential because online(More)
Recent changes in policy and culture require health workers to incorporate "knowledge work" as a routine component of professional practice. Innovative computer-mediated communication technologies provide the opportunity to evaluate the nature of "knowledge work" within nursing and midwifery. This study embedded an online discussion system into an acute NHS(More)
AIM This paper reports a study to answer the following question: if given a user-friendly online system, that enabled communication across the practice community, would midwives function as knowledge workers? BACKGROUND Globally, the demand for quality-led and innovative service delivery requires that nurses and midwives shift from being 'information(More)
navigator of the school health journey: developing the theory and evidence for policy. Abstract The aim of this article is to explore how the development of the theoretical and strategic basis of school nursing offers a vehicle for the delivery of an effective public health strategy for children and adolescents. Through a critical examination of the status(More)
BACKGROUND Current projections indicate that the UK faces a 252% increase in people aged over 65 with one or more long term conditions (LTC) by 2050. Nurses, managing their own caseloads and clinics, working across sectors and organisational boundaries and as part of a wider multi-disciplinary team, are frequently seen as key to managing this growing(More)
  • Fiona Brooks, Maria Macintyre, Kevin Quick, Peter Scott, Taplin Deborah, Fiona Brooks +3 others
  • 2011
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OBJECTIVE to explore whether the UK Government agenda for partnership working and choice was realised or desired for women during pregnancy and childbirth. DESIGN a qualitative study was used to explore women's experience of partnership working with midwives. Data was generated using a diary interview method throughout pregnancy and birth. SETTING 16(More)