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The Human Metabolome Database (HMDB) is currently the most complete and comprehensive curated collection of human metabolite and human metabolism data in the world. It contains records for more than 2180 endogenous metabolites with information gathered from thousands of books, journal articles and electronic databases. In addition to its comprehensive(More)
Continuing improvements in analytical technology along with an increased interest in performing comprehensive, quantitative metabolic profiling, is leading to increased interest pressures within the metabolomics community to develop centralized metabolite reference resources for certain clinically important biofluids, such as cerebrospinal fluid, urine and(More)
PURPOSE To achieve clinical validation of cutoff values for newborn screening by tandem mass spectrometry through a worldwide collaborative effort. METHODS Cumulative percentiles of amino acids and acylcarnitines in dried blood spots of approximately 25–30 million normal newborns and 10,742 deidentified true positive cases are compared to assign clinical(More)
A pair of monozygotic twins had similar but not identical dental anomalies. One twin had fusion of deciduous mandibular lateral incisor and canine on the left, with normal dentition on the right; the co-twin had right mandibular incisor/canine fusion, with aplasia of the lateral incisor on the left. These findings are discussed in the context of the related(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine coverage of the newborn screening program (NSP) for metabolic disease in Alberta, Canada, and to determine reasons for not being screened. STUDY DESIGN Coverage was estimated by deterministic matching of live birth registration data with newborn screening data for the year 1992. Demographic characteristics of not-matched infants(More)
We conducted a case-referent study of the effect of exposure to bisphenol-A on fetal growth in utero in full-term, live-born singletons in Alberta, Canada. Newborns <10 percentile of expected weight for gestational age and sex were individually matched on sex, maternal smoking and maternal age to referents with weight appropriate to gestational age.(More)
Macroamylasaemia was found in a 12-year-old boy with persistent, severe abdominal pain and mild hepatitis. No abnormality of the pancreatic or bile ducts was demonstrated. Both the symptoms and the biochemical abnormality of macroamylasaemia settled spontaneously over 10 months. Transient, asymptomatic macroamylasaemia was found in the boy's father.
Nepal and Alberta are literally a world apart. Yet they share a common problem of restricted access to health services in remote and rural areas. In Nepal, urban-rural disparities were one of the main issues in the recent civil war, which ended in 2006. In response to the need for improved health equity in Nepal a dedicated group of Nepali physicians began(More)
Cholangiocellular carcinoma (CCA) of the liver was the target of more interest, recently, due mainly to its increased incidence and possible association to new environmental factors. Somatic mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations have been found in several cancers. Some of these malignancies contain changes of mtDNA, which are not or, very rarely, found in the(More)