Fiona Alice Watson

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Background Pilot studies are more commonly associated with quantitative research, and their use is under-reported in qualitative approaches. This paper discusses the value of undertaking a pilot study in a doctoral research project to examine nursing students' understanding of recovery in mental health by adopting what is called a phenomenographic approach,(More)
In order to probe the structural constraints on binding of RGD sequences to the platelet receptor alpha IIb beta 3 we have used recombinant DNA techniques to install the RGD sequence into 'presentation scaffolds', small proteins of known 3-D structure chosen to present guest sequences in constrained orientations. Using Escherichia coli expression systems we(More)
In Escherichia coli, the isoleucine codon AUA occurs at a frequency of about 0.4% and is the fifth rarest codon in E. coli mRNA. Since there is a correlation between the frequency of codon usage and the level of its cognate tRNA, translational problems might be expected when the mRNA contains high levels of AUA codons. When a hemagglutinin from the(More)
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