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The purpose of this investigation was to determine if there was any relationship between dietary carnitine intake and the concentrations of carnitine in skeletal muscle and blood plasma in healthy adult men and women. Subjects (14 men, 14 women, fasted 8 h) reported to the Biodynamics Laboratory where they completed a 24-h diet recall questionnaire. Resting(More)
Visually-induced illusions of self-motion (vection) can be compelling for some people, but they are subject to large individual variations in strength. Do these variations depend, at least in part, on the extent to which people rely on vision to maintain their postural stability? We investigated by comparing physical posture measures to subjective vection(More)
Porcine muscle has a unique grouped arrangement with 3-70 Type I fibers occurring in clusters surrounded by Type II fibers. The deep medial portion of the porcine semitendinosus exhibits a regular pattern of extensive Type I grouping whereas the superficial or lateral portion of the muscle exhibits Type II predominance. Mean values for terminal innervation(More)
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