Fintan Hegarty

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The frequency of ocular microtremor (OMT) is related to the functional status of the brain stem, and thus OMT may be useful in the diagnosis and management of brain stem disorders. The paper discusses the design of an OMT measurement system and reports quantitative specifications for three portable systems. All systems use a piezo-electric element as the(More)
Ocular Microtremor (OMT) is a very fine continuous eye movement which has potential in monitoring and identifying a number of clinical conditions. There is a need for improved analysis and processing techniques to extract useful, quantifiable parameters from the OMT signal. A number of papers have shown the clinical significance of looking at the 'bursts'(More)
Compressed sensing is a relatively new signal processing technique whereby the limits proposed by the Shannon-Nyquist theorem can be exceeded under certain conditions imposed upon the signal. Such conditions occur in many real-world scenarios, and compressed sensing has emerging applications in medical imaging, big data, and statistics. Finding practical(More)
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