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We describe a symbolic approach for measuring temporal "irreversibility" in time-series measurements. Temporal irreversibility is important because it excludes Gaussian linear dynamics and static transformations of such dynamics from the set of possible generating processes. A symbolic method for measuring temporal irreversibility is attractive because it(More)
  • Larry, SklarS, +4 authors Cochranes
  • 2001
Parallel cytometric and fluorimetric analyses of the interaction of a fluoresceinated N-formyl hexapeptide (N-formyl-Nle-Leu-Phe-Nle-Tyr-Lys-fluorescein, Nle = norleucine) with its receptors on human neutrophils are presented. The cytometric analyses take advantage of the ability of the fluorescence flow cytometer to discriminate free and receptor-bound(More)
  • Singaram M, Finney, Daniel Shadrach
  • 2014
The goal of this work is to preserve full coverage-target area while minimising the number of active nodes.The nodes which are available in the wireless sensor networks consumes more energy even when the nodes are not sensing or covering the target area. Radio energy models are being used to find the energy consumed during access of the nodes at various(More)
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