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BACKGROUND Until now, sparse and contradictory results about an association between adverse neonatal, obstetric, and maternal conditions and heightened suicide risk in adolescents have been reported. The aims of this study were to investigate the relations between fetal growth, obstetric complications, and the mother's psychosocial and socioeconomic(More)
Moderate heritability for skeletal muscle strength has been reported in twin studies, but genetic co-variation between muscle strength at different parts of body and body size is not well known. Further, representativeness of twin cohorts needs to be critically evaluated. Height, weight, elbow flexion, hand grip and knee extension strength were measured in(More)
BACKGROUND A consistent association between paternal age and their offspring's risk of schizophrenia has been observed, with no independent association with maternal age. The relationship of paternal and maternal ages with risk of bipolar affective disorders (BPAD) in the offspring is less clear. The present study aimed at testing the hypothesis that(More)
BACKGROUND Trials in Italy and Sweden showed high efficacy for three-component and five-component pertussis vaccines, and poor efficacy for a whole-cell vaccine licensed in the USA and a two-component vaccine. We compared the efficacy of three acellular vaccines with a UK whole-cell vaccine. METHODS We enrolled 82,892 babies aged 2-3 months. Babies were(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association of paternal age at conception with the risk of offspring developing schizophrenia. DESIGN A population based cohort study. SETTING Sweden. SUBJECTS 754,330 people born in Sweden between 1973 and 1980 and still alive and resident in Sweden at age 16 years. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Hospital admission with(More)
The authors investigated the association of body mass index (BMI) with suicide in a record linkage study based on the Swedish Military Service Conscription Register, the Population and Housing Censuses, and the Cause of Death Register. The cohort studied consisted of 1,299,177 Swedish men who were conscripted in 1968-1999, had their BMI measured at age(More)
Previous studies have lacked sufficient power to assess associations between early-life socioeconomic position and adult cause-specific mortality. The authors examined associations of parental social class at age 0-16 years with mortality among 1,824,064 Swedes born in 1944-1960. Females and males from manual compared with nonmanual childhood social classes(More)
BACKGROUND Inverse associations of birth length with suicide attempts have recently been reported. Whether growth during childhood alters this association is not known. The influences on patterns of growth in fetal life and childhood might be different for violent and non-violent suicide attempts. OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of fetal and childhood(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated associations between consumption of fruits, vegetables, sweets and soft drinks and the psychological dimensions of eating in parents and their children. The role of the parent's characteristics for their children's food intake was also explored. DESIGN Food intake patterns were assessed by self-reported consumption of the(More)
BACKGROUND While several studies have reported an inverse relation between IQ and total mortality rates, little is known about the association, if any, between IQ and disease-specific outcomes, particularly cancer. METHODS A cohort of 959,540 Swedish men who underwent IQ testing at military conscription at around 19 years of age, and who were followed for(More)