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We study the dynamics of a linear scalar delay differential equation ε ˙ u(t) = −γu(t) − N i=1 κ i u(t − a i − c i u(t)), which has trivial dynamics with fixed delays (c i = 0). We show that if the delays are allowed to be linearly state-dependent (c i = 0) then very complex dynamics can arise, when there are two or more delays. We present a numerical study(More)
This study examines listener judgments of musical tension for a recording of a Schubert song and its harmonic reduction. Continuous tension ratings collected in an experiment and quantitative descriptions of the piece's musical features, include dynamics, pitch height, harmony, onset frequency, and tempo, were analyzed from two different angles. In the(More)
The goal of this study was to examine the possibility of training machine learning algorithms to differentiate between the performance of good notes and bad notes. Four trumpet players recorded a total of 239 notes from which audio features were extracted. The notes were subjectively graded by five brass players. The resulting dataset was used to train(More)
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