Finn Rolsted Hansen

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The aim of this prospective, randomized and controlled trial was to carry out and evaluate a model for follow-up by home visits after discharge from hospital of persons aged 75 years or more. The trial was a feasibility study in which hospital staff, district nurses, and general practitioners already working within the hospital and the primary health sector(More)
The occurrence of non-specific low back pain (LBP) in 14-16-year-old adolescents has almost reached the level in adults. Among other things, the ranges of reported prevalences are wide, owing to the use of various outcome measures, questionnaire terminology, and differences in age and gender. A review of the literature points out some important possible(More)
The aim of this randomized, controlled study was to evaluate a model for follow-up of patients aged 75 or more after discharge from hospital. One hundred and sixty-three patients from the intervention group were visited in their homes by a district nurse on the day after discharge from hospital and two weeks later by their general practitioner. For 181(More)
The present project which is part of a more extensive coordination project has had the goal of carrying out and assessing the proposals about follow up home visits by the general practitioner after discharge from hospital made by "The coordinating committee for the health services". General practitioners in the municipality of Roskilde made a total of 210(More)
STUDY DESIGN A general health survey including a cross-sectional study of 404 men and women aged 50 years who underwent follow-up evaluation at ages 60 and 70 years. OBJECTIVES The participants completed the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory at age 50 and 60 years and were interviewed at age 60 and 70 years regarding low back pain experienced in(More)
X-ray findings in the thoracic and lumbar spine from 666 60-year-old men and women from a general population were related to anamnestic data and physical measurements. Disc degenerations were significantly more common among those with low-back pain (LBP) compared with those without. The corresponding calculated predictive values stressed the importance of(More)