Finn Noe Bennedbaek

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Thyroid nodules are prevalent; when evaluated by ultrasonography (US), 15-25% of solitary thyroid nodules are cystic or predominantly cystic, and most are benign. Simple aspiration is the treatment of choice, but the recurrence rate is 10-80% depending on the number of aspirations and the cyst volume. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect on(More)
The simple nodular goiter, the etiology of which is multifactorial, encompasses the spectrum from the incidental asymptomatic small solitary nodule to the large intrathoracic goiter, causing pressure symptoms as well as cosmetic complaints. Its management is still the cause of considerable controversy. The mainstay in the diagnostic evaluation is related to(More)
OBJECTIVE An association between insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and autoimmune thyroid disease is well recognized. We have studied the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction, autoimmunity and morphological abnormalities by ultrasonography in young diabetics. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Among young IDDM patients less than 18 years old and living in the(More)
The present survey evaluated current trends in the management of the nontoxic solitary thyroid nodule by expert endocrinologists in North America and compared their results with a similar European Thyroid Association survey. A questionnaire was circulated to all clinical members of the American Thyroid Association. An index case (a 42-yr-old woman with a(More)
The molecular pathways leading to thyroid follicular neoplasia are incompletely understood, and the diagnosis of follicular tumors is a clinical challenge. To provide leads to the pathogenesis and diagnosis of the tumors, we examined the global transcriptome signatures of follicular thyroid carcinoma (FC) and normofollicular adenoma (FA) as well as(More)
Radioiodine ((131)I) and surgery are the standard therapeutic options for the solitary autonomous thyroid nodule (AFTN). Percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) has proven to be an effective technique and possible alternative to the conventional treatment options. However, PEI is not devoid of side effects and often necessitates multiple treatment sessions. We(More)
The results of studies using suppressive doses of L-T4 on benign solitary solid cold thyroid nodules have been conflicting. Recently, intranodular injection of absolute ethanol has been proposed as an effective treatment, but has been evaluated only in uncontrolled studies. Our objective was to evaluate the effect of two alternative medical treatment(More)
Factors such as iodine intake, serum TSH concentration, gender, age, body mass index, parity, and cigarette smoking are thought to influence thyroid size. The purpose of our study was to determine the relative roles of these environmental and physiological factors compared with genetic factors in euthyroid subjects with a clinically normal thyroid gland. A(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effects of ultrasonography (US)-guided interstitial laser photocoagulation (ILP) on the volume of benign solitary solid cold thyroid nodules and any nodule-related symptoms. MATERIALS AND METHODS ILP was performed in 16 patients with normal thyroid function and a solid benign thyroid nodule. None of the patients had uptake on a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The optimum management strategy for the patient with a multinodular nontoxic goitre is still a matter of debate. Our aim was to assess the attitudes towards management of such patients throughout Europe by means of a questionnaire. DESIGN The questionnaire was circulated to all clinician members of the European Thyroid Association(More)