Finn Lennartsson

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UNLABELLED Diffusion MRI improves detection of abnormalities in white matter tracts in cerebral palsy (CP). Relationships between diffusion measurements and hand function are largely unexplored. We aimed first to assess microstructure of corticofugal fibers, and second to explore associations between tract injury as assessed by quantitative analysis of(More)
AIM To explore the effectiveness of baby-CIMT (constraint-induced movement therapy) and baby-massage for improving the manual ability of infants younger than 12 months with unilateral cerebral palsy (CP). METHOD Infants eligible for inclusion were 3-8 months old with asymmetric hand function and at high risk of developing unilateral CP. Thirty-seven(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to seek evidence of a relationship between damage to the optic radiation (OR) in the immature brain and subsequent development of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) and associated visual manifestations. METHODS Seven cases (2 males and 5 females ranging in age from 18 to 35 years old) were selected from a large(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Diffusion-weighted MR imaging and fiber tractography can be used to investigate alterations in white matter tracts in patients with early acquired brain lesions and cerebral palsy. Most existing studies have used diffusion tensor tractography, which is limited in areas of complex fiber structures or pathologic processes. We explored a(More)
BackgroundTo describe visual field (VF) outcome in three adolescents with damage to the optic radiation and to focus on mechanisms that may compensate the practical functional limitations of VF defects.DesignDescriptive, prospective multi-case study in a hospital setting.ParticipantsThree teenagers with cerebral visual dysfunction because of damage to the(More)
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