Finn K. Mathiesen

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Measurements of carpal bone angles on lateral wrist radiographs can be of assistance in the diagnostic evaluation of wrist malalignment. A series of 75 normal wrists was examined by use of a standardized radiographic technique. The normal carpal bone angles were determined using the bone axes with the least observer variability (mean and range):(More)
A number of methods exist for determination of carpal bone angles on lateral wrist radiographs. However, there is no general or precise definition of the angles measured. In this study the positioning of the wrist is emphasized and a device used to obtain standardized radiographs is presented. An analysis of variance of two series of patients revealed no(More)
A method to determine antikeratin antibodies (AKA) is described. AKA were detected by indirect immunofluorescence technique on rat esophagus as antigen in sera of patients with definite rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The frequency of AKA in rheumatoid factor (SCAT/Waaler-Rose) positive RA was 64% and in SCAT-negative RA, 28%. Of 61 control patients with non-RA(More)
This paper describes a hand test consisting of three steps to test the subject's ability to grasp firmly another person's hand to hold a pencil firmly with fingers II-V with straight knuckles and maximally flexed finger joints, while the investigator pulls the pencil to hold on to a piece of paper with a rounded pinch grip between thumb and index finger(More)
A new, simple and quick method for assessment of impaired grip function was evaluated in a rheumatology department, 208 of 211 patients with definite rheumatoid arthritis were unable to do the test, 48 of these patients had regarded their hands as unaffected when questioned. The impairment of grip function was closely related to clinical and functional(More)
We studied families of 23 unrelated HLA-B27 positive probands with definite ankylosing spondylitis to investigate the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis. The prevalence of RA among these relatives was significant higher (2.91%; 0.02 less than p less than 0.05) than in the control group of 28 healthy individuals (1.02%). These data suggest an increased(More)
Measurement of the aminoterminal type III procollagen peptide in serum has been suggested as a marker of the biosynthesis of collagen type III, a major connective tissue component in repair processes. In the present study the propeptide level correlated with the inflammatory synovial mass in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This implies that the(More)
Determinations of carpal bone angles are used in the clinical evaluation of carpal malalignment. Eleven frequently referred radiological measures in lateral projection of the wrists in 23 wrists were assessed using different definitions of axes. Interobserver- and intraobserver variations were calculated. The standard deviation of the interobserver(More)