Finn Hjortgaard Christensen

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The article describes the method for the online determination of the journal impact factor (JIF). The method is very simple and can be used both for the ISI defined journal impact factor and for the calculation of other generalised journal impact factors. But the direct online method fails for non-ISI journals i.e. journals not indexed by ISI to the three(More)
tabase or among several databases. Name form inconThe aim of the article is to emphasize and illustrate the sistencies as to authors, institutions, and journals, the retrieval dimensions of data collection activity online and lack or inaccessibility of vital data in the database structheir influence on the research evaluation outcome. The tures, etc., also(More)
The paper investigates the online citation analysis possibilities and limitations. The following online processing tools: RANK, MAP, and TARGET, provided by Dialog, are incorporated in order to perform analyses of citations to and from isolated sets of documents as well as to carry out diachrone journal analyses. These, analyses imply further to determine(More)
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