Filomena Rossi

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The 173-195 segment corresponding to the helix 2 of the C-globular prion protein domain could be one of several "spots" of intrinsic conformational flexibility. In fact, it possesses chameleon conformational behaviour and gathers several disease-associated point mutations. We have performed spectroscopic studies on the wild-type fragment 173-195 and on its(More)
Astins, a family of cyclopentapeptides, isolated from the roots of a medicinal plant Aster tataricus (Compositae), show antitumour activity. Their chemical structures consist of a 16-membered ring system containing a unique beta,gamma-dichlorinated proline [Pro(Cl2)], other non-coded amino acid residues, and a cis conformation in one of the peptide bonds.(More)
This work reports on the design and the synthesis of two short linear peptides both containing a few amino acids with disorder propensity and an allylic ester group at the C-terminal end. Their structural properties were firstly analyzed by means of experimental techniques in solution such as CD and NMR methods that highlighted peptide flexibility. These(More)
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