Filomena Mauriello

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The paper investigated drivers' speed behaviour in a section of a rural highway crossing a small urban community in the existing scenario without any traffic calming device and in two different design scenarios with traffic calming in the urban community. Two gateways and four integrative traffic calming devices along the route within the urban area were(More)
Aim of the study was to investigate, by means of a driving simulator experiment, drivers' behaviour in terms of speed, deceleration, and lateral position on major approaches of rural intersections in relation to different perceptual cues. In the experiment, ten different design conditions with and without speed-reducing treatments along the approach to the(More)
While drivers' speed behaviour has been widely studied, only marginal attention to the speed behaviour at intersections has been dedicated and more research is needed. Aim of this study was: (1) to evaluate if the intersections significantly affect drivers' speed along the major road; (2) to quantify this interaction in terms of both speed change at the(More)
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