Filomena Castiello

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Dicer is central to small RNA silencing pathways, thus playing an important role in physiological and pathological states. Recently, a number of mutations in dicer gene have been identified in diverse types of cancer, implicating Dicer in oncogenic cooperation. Here we report on the properties of a rare splice variant of the human dicer gene, occurring in(More)
The most serious complications of total thyroidectomy, in cases of widespread and invasive diseases, are mainly hypoparathyroidism and laryngeal inferior nerve palsy. Lesions of the external branch of superior laryngeal nerve instead, although less obvious than the those caused by the recurrent laryngeal nerve lesions, have been taken less into(More)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a multi-factorial cancer with a very poor prognosis; therefore, there are several investigations aimed at the comprehension of the molecular mechanisms leading to development and progression of HCC and at the definition of new therapeutic strategies. We have recently evaluated the expression of selenoproteins in HCC cell(More)
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