Filomena Cariola

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So far, somatic mutations of the PTEN gene have been found in several different neoplasms but not in colorectal tumours. As exons 7 and 8 of the PTEN coding sequence contain an (A)(6)repeat and mononucleotide repeat sequences are targets for mutations in tumours with microsatellite instability (MI), we screened a panel of sporadic colorectal tumours(More)
BACKGROUND Y-autosome (Y/A) translocations have been reported in association with male infertility. Different hypotheses have been made as to correlations between Y/A translocations and spermatogenetic disturbances. We describe an azoospermic patient with a de-novo Y;14 translocation: 45,X,dic(Y;14)(q12;p11). METHODS AND RESULTS Cytogenetic, fluorescent(More)
Holt-Oram syndrome (HOS) (OMIM 142900) is characterized by upper-extremity malformations involving the radial, thenar, or carpal bones and a personal and/or family history of congenital heart defects (CHDs). It is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. The TBX5 gene located on chromosome 12 (12q24.1) is the only gene currently known to be associated(More)
BACKGROUND Trichorhinophalangeal syndrome (TRPS) is a rare autosomal dominant disorder, three types of which have been described in the literature. All of them are characterized by alopecia, facial dysmorphism and bone deformities. Deletions and nonsense mutations of the TRPS1 gene are responsible for most of the TRPS I and III cases with no clear(More)
About 10-15% of sporadic colorectal cancers show microsatellite instability (MIN), a mutator phenotype of mismatch repair genes. It seems that oestrogens may inhibit the pathway to colorectal carcinoma which involves a mismatch repair deficiency. Oestrogen receptorial status was evaluated in the neoplastic tissue and uninvolved surrounding mucosa of 17(More)
We report a 19-year-old man with craniofacial dysmorphic features, anorectal malformations, eye colobomas, orthopaedic anomalies, and mild neurodevelopmental delay. Cat eye syndrome (CES) was suspected, and confirmed by cytogenetic analysis which showed the presence of a supernumerary bisatellited chromosome, identified by fluorescence in situ hybridization(More)
Alterations of the p53 gene and/or its abnormal protein accumulation have been observed in gastric cancer and preneoplastic lesions. Our aim was to assess possible associations between different H. pylori strains and p53 abnormalities in patients with dyspepsia and with gastric cancer. Methods: Seventy-five dyspeptic patients and 40 patients with gastric(More)
A female infant with multiple malformations and mental retardation was noted to have a rare de novo chromosome abnormality involving mosaicism with two cell lines, one with a ring chromosome 13, and the other with partial trisomy 13 owing to a complex rearrangement. Cytogenetic examination excluded the presence of a t(13q;13q) cell line and showed a cell(More)