Fillipe Napolitano

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The paper describes a distributed measurement system developed for the monitoring of lightning-originated transients in distribution networks. The data obtained by means of the proposed system are intended to be integrated with those provided by the Italian lightning location system and with those recorded by a monitoring system of relay operations. The(More)
Software Engineering has, as one of its main goals, the duty of helping software managers perform their jobs as better as possible. As such, technical management, which embodies software engineering expertise, is the central aspect in software management. Managing human resources is difficult for any production scheme, but is particular challenging for(More)
—The switching of medium voltage electrical motors is typically realized by means of vacuum circuit breakers (VCBs) essentially in view of their elevated number of switching cycles. As known, switching of VCBs generates important transient recovery voltages (TRVs) that need to be properly evaluated for both VCB sizing and insulation coordination. As large(More)
As known the lightning incidence of a vertical structure is related to the physical processes involved in the final stage of the progression of the downward lightning leader to the structure and upward streamers, in case downward flashes are taken into account. Within this context, the paper presents and discusses a numerical implementation based on the(More)
– Monitoring units for the measurement of high-frequency voltage transients have been in operation at three different busses of an Italian medium voltage (MV) distribution feeder, mainly composed by overhead lines, in March 2007 – August 2008. The feeder is located in a region characterized by a high ground flash density value (4 flashes/km 2 /yr); many of(More)
The effects of lightning strike to transmission and distribution systems are numerous and unfavorable. Just imagine the cost and havoc if a giant telecommunications company is shut down for an hour or day as a result of devices damage or a petrochemical plant catches fires due to lightning strike. Hence the needs to protect power apparatus from overvoltage(More)
A two-year experimental campaign on lightning-originated disturbances carried out in an Italian rural region characterized by a high ground flash density (4 flashes/km 2 /yr) has provided a set of voltage transient measurements in a medium voltage (MV) feeder that are clearly correlated with both specific events detected by the Italian lightning location(More)
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