Fillipe Goulart

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Evolutionary multiobjective optimization is employed for designing the geometric configurations of winglets adapted to a base wing. Seven decision variables are employed for the winglet parameterization, and the wing-winglet transition region is modeled using Bezier surfaces. A case study is presented to illustrate the application of this technique to the(More)
The occurrence of coat colour polymorphisms in populations may promote the ecological success of species by permitting a wider spectrum of use of different subsets of available resources. We conducted an analysis of temporal segregation by comparing night brightness with nocturnal activity of spotted and melanistic oncillas (Leopardus tigrinus). Melanistic(More)
This work explores the influence of three different dominance criteria, namely the Pareto-, epsilon-, and cone epsilon-dominance, on the performance of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms. The approaches are incorporated into two different algorithms, which are then applied to the solution of twelve benchmark problems from the ZDT and DTLZ families. The(More)
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