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Transport properties of liquid argon in krypton nanochannels: Anisotropy and non-homogeneity introduced by the solid walls
Abstract In this work we calculate the transport properties of liquid argon flowing through a nanochannel formed by krypton walls. Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) simulations are performedExpand
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Effect of wall roughness on shear viscosity and diffusion in nanochannels
Abstract The effect of wall roughness on liquid argon shear viscosity and diffusion coefficient in nanochannels is studied by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics. Diffusion coefficient results areExpand
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Friction factor in nanochannel flows
Abstract Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations are employed in order to access the detailed atomic behavior of fluids moving in nanochannels and to quantify the associated energyExpand
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Unified description of size effects of transport properties of liquids flowing in nanochannels
The present work connects transport properties of simple fluids flowing in nanochannels: the diffusion coefficient, the shear viscosity and the thermal conductivity. We used non-equilibrium molecularExpand
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How wall properties control diffusion in grooved nanochannels: a molecular dynamics study
The effect of a geometrically-rough wall, amplified by its degree of wettability and stiffness on diffusion coefficient in cases of fluid flow in nanochannels is studied by non-equilibrium molecularExpand
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Effects of wall roughness on flow in nanochannels.
Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation is applied to investigate the effect of periodic wall roughness on the flow of liquid argon through krypton nanochannels. The effect of the length of aExpand
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Surface wettability effects on flow in rough wall nanochannels
The effect of rough-wall/fluid interaction on flow in nanochannels is investigated by NEMD. Hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces are studied for walls with nearly atomic-size rectangular protrusionsExpand
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A quasi-continuum multi-scale theory for self-diffusion and fluid ordering in nanochannel flows
We present a quasi-continuum self-diffusion theory that can capture the ordering effects and the density variations that are predicted by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) in nanochannelExpand
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Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Parameters Affecting Planar Nanochannel Flows
We present non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of planar Poiseuille flow of liquid argon. Density, velocity, temperature and strain rate profiles across the channel are investigated forExpand
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