Filippo de Stefani

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This paper presents the ECHOES' (Educational Hypermedia On-linE System) training environment, its architecture and the services ofSered to the users. The main objective of the ECHOES project is to build a distributed dynamic environment for educating and supporting technicians in using and repairing complex industrial artefacts. To pursue this objective,(More)
In this paper, we propose a compilation tool-chain supporting the effective exploitation of multi-core architectures offering hundreds of cores. The tool-chain leverages on both the application requirements and the platform-specific features to provide developers with a powerful parallel-programming environment able to generate efficient parallel code. The(More)
Every application of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) requires the data collected from sensor nodes to be reachable from the outside, in order to allow its processing and to obtain information from the monitored phenomena. Environmental protection and agriculture are examples of areas most likely to benefit from the deployment of WSNs. Devices equipped with(More)
This paper presents the SEEDS simulation environment for the evaluation of distributed traffic control systems. Starting with an overview of the general simulator architecture, the software modules and the derived hardware architecture of the simulation environment are described with respect to performance requirements. The communication architecture of the(More)
The recently introduced Compressive Sampling (CS) technique can be used for reducing the speed requests for the ADC in modern radars. CS algorithm includes a reconstruction phase that is very critical in terms of real-time requirements. This paper presents a scalable hardware reconstruction core implemented in FPGA technology, aimed at real-time CS signal(More)
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