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In this paper a comparison in performance between hard and soft decision Viterbi decoding, with application to the HIPERLAN/2 standard, is presented. The results show that when channel state information (CSI) is included in the generation of the soft decision information, the soft decision method greatly outperforms the hard method. Moreover, a simplified(More)
In this paper we introduce the concept of lowest density MDS array codes on incomplete graphs. Array codes are used to protect against erasures by adding redundancy. Application examples are networks of wireless sensors or smart meters, where nodes can exchange data between themselves and store parity information for protection against multiple node(More)
We study the effect on diversity of using the sphere encoder-based vector perturbation (VP) technique of Peel and the lattice reduction-aided techniques (Babai approximations) of Windpassinger on a subset of the transmitted symbols. For a system with <i>n</i> diversity channels, we prove that the diversity order gap between the maximum diversity of <i>n</i>(More)