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Dental anxiety in the general population is more prevalent in females than in males. The presence of dental anxiety was studied in a group of 189 females and 176 males using the following scales: the Dental Anxiety Scale (divided into DAS 1 containing 6 items, which explores a patient's dental anxiety and DAS 2 containing 13 items, which looks at dental(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep related problems affect approximately 25-40% of children and adolescents. The acquisition of sleep patterns characterised by later bedtimes, insomnia and excessive daytime sleepiness is related to poorer school performance, daytime drowsiness, physical tiredness and a higher rate of psychiatric illnesses. Many studies have investigated the(More)
Telephone interviews have been used extensively as a tool to explore and assess sleep disorders and psychopathological conditions. The aim of this study was to set up and validate a telephone interview aimed at assessing the correlation between mood and sleep variables in adolescents. The study included 16-18 years subjects. A total of approximately 4,000(More)
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