Filippo Tampieri

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An algorithm for compactly and accurately capturing the illumination of a diffuse polyhedral environment caused by an area light source is presented. The algorithm constructs a discontinuity mesh that explicitly represents discontinuities in the radiance function as boundaries between mesh elements. A piecewise quadratic interpolant is used to approximate(More)
We introduce a new approach for the computation of viewindependent solutions to the diffuse global illumination problem in polyhedral environments. The approach combines ideas from hierarchical radiosity and discontinuity meshing to yield solutions that are accurate both numerically and visually. First, we describe a modified hierarchical radiosity(More)
We discuss the problem of accurately computing the illumination of a diffuse polyhedral environment due to an area light source. We show how umbra and penumbra boundaries and other illumination details correspond to discontinuities in the radiance function and its derivatives. The shape, location, and order of these discontinuities is determined by the(More)
The influence of Eulerian and Lagrangian scales on the turbulent relative dispersion is investigated through a three-dimensional Eulerian consistent Lagrangian stochastic model. As a general property of this class of models, it is found to depend solely on a parameter beta based on the Kolmogorov constants C(K) and C0. This parameter represents the ratio(More)
Programmable force vector elds can be used to control a variety of exible planar parts feeders such as massively-parallel micro actuator arrays or transversely vibrating macroscopic plates. These new automation designs promise great exibility, speed, and dexterity|they may beemployed to position, orient, singulate, sort, feed, and assemble parts. A w ealth(More)
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