Filippo Sorbello

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The basic aim of a biometric identification system is to discriminate automatically between subjects in a reliable and dependable way, according to a specific-target application. Multimodal biometric identification systems aim to fuse two or more physical or behavioral traits to provide optimal False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR),(More)
BACKGROUND In the experimental setting, it has been demonstrated that preconditioning myocardium before prolonged occlusion with brief ischemic episodes affords substantial protection to the cells by delaying lethal injury, thereby limiting infarct size. Whether the same occurs in humans remains unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS This study was undertaken to(More)
Multimodal authentication systems represent an emerging trend for information security. These systems could replace conventional mono-modal biometric methods using two or more features for robust biometric authentication tasks. They employ unique combinations of measurable physical characteristics: fingerprint, facial features, iris of the eye, voice print,(More)
Computer graphics applications require efficient tools to model geometric objects. The traditional approach based on compute-intensive matrix calculations is error-prone due to a lack of integration between geometric reasoning and matrix-based algorithms. Clifford algebra offers a solution to these issues since it permits specification of geometry at a(More)
Automotive has gained several benefits from the Ambient Intelligent researches involving the deployment of sensors and hardware devices into an intelligent environment surrounding people, meeting users’ requirements and anticipating their needs. One of the main topics in automotive is to anticipate driver needs and safety, in terms of preventing critical(More)
Fingerprint classification and matching are two key issues in automatic fingerprint recognition. Generally, fingerprint recognition is based on a set of relevant local characteristics, such as ridge ending and bifurcation (minutiae). Fingerprint classification is based on fingerprint global features, such as core and delta singularity points. Unfortunately,(More)