Filippo Petroni

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Languages evolve over time according to a process in which reproduction, mutation and extinction are all possible. This is very similar to haploid evolution for asexual organisms and for the mitochondrial DNA of complex ones. Exploiting this similarity, it is possible, in principle, to verify hypotheses concerning the relationship among languages and to(More)
The present study asks in what way the activity of a neuronal population responding to a sensory stimulus could be most efficiently decoded, or 'read off', by the target neurons. A simple solution to this problem has been proposed - pooling the activity of responding neurons. However, pooling can be inefficient if sensory information is encoded by the(More)
A Markov chain analysis of a network generated by the matrix of lexical distances allows for representing complex relationships between different languages in a language family geometrically, in terms of distances and angles. The fully automated method for construction of language taxonomy is tested on a sample of fifty languages of the Indo-European(More)
We investigate intra-day foreign exchange (FX) time series using the inverse statistic analysis developed in [1,2]. Specifically, we study the time-averaged distributions of waiting times needed to obtain a certain increase (decrease) ρ in the price of an investment. The analysis is performed for the Deutsch Mark (DM) against the $US for the full year of(More)
Information theoretic measures have been proposed as a quantitative framework to clarify the role of correlated neuronal activity in the brain. In this paper we review some recent methods that allow precise assessments of the role of correlation in stimulus coding and decoding by the nervous system. We present new results that make explicit links between(More)
The pattern of anatomical connections between areas of the primate visual system is organized hierarchically. However, onset latencies in parietal and occipital stations are often simultaneous, and this seems to contradict hierarchical organization in its simplest interpretation, as serial organization. To understand the reasons for this contradiction, we(More)
AMS is a particle physics experiment in space. The purpose is to perform accurate, high statistics, long duration measurements of the spectra of energetic (up to multi-TeV) primary charged cosmic rays in space. This article describes the high voltage power supply for the AMS-02. This system was the brick, a set of interconnected modules (boxes) which(More)