Filippo Pacifici

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The solutions for dangerous goods transportation usually need to deal with several constraints and requirements. The technological level in logistics is low and fleet management systems typically employ proprietary solutions. Web services can help tackle these problems since they help widen the market, reduce the gap between advanced solutions and small to(More)
Vehicles are becoming complex software systems with many components and services that need to be coordinated. Service oriented architectures can be used in this domain to support intra-vehicle, inter-vehicles, and vehicle-environment services. Such architectures can be deployed on different platforms, using different communication and coordination(More)
—A language is presented for managing data in highly pervasive systems made of very different devices as to their technology and functional capabilities. Functional and non-functional requirements are dealt with in a transparent mode by a SQL like interface. In this paper the most relevant features of the language, the related data structures and some query(More)
Description: A high-level introduction to new technologies and methods in the field of software engineering Recent years have witnessed rapid evolution of software engineering methodologies, and until now, there has been no single-source introduction to emerging technologies in the field. Written by a panel of experts and divided into four clear parts,(More)
The increasing diffusion of ubiquitous communication in-frastructures and physical active objects —like sensors and smart tags— is motivating the integration of these devices into advanced distributed systems. The novelty of these technologies has imposed a " code and fix " approach ; only a few methodologies have been developed to address the integration(More)
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