Filippo Luigi Maria Milotta

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In the last half century the most used video storage devices have been the magnetic tapes, where the information are stored in analog format based on the electromagnetism principles. When the digital technique has become the most used, it was necessary to convert analog information in digital format in order to preserve these data. Unfortunately, analog(More)
Nowadays video technology is basically digital, but in the last half century the most diffused devices have been analog magnetic tapes. Since this is an old storing technique, it is necessary to convert these data in digital form. Moreover, analog videos may be affected by particular defects, called drops. Despite there are many hardware to perform the(More)
We present The Social Picture, a framework to collect and explore huge amount of crowdsourced social images about public events, cultural heritage sites and other customized private events.The Social Picture aims to create social communities of users that contribute to the creation of image collections about common interests. The collections can be explored(More)
When devices and applications provide assistance to people they become part of assistive technology. If the assistance is given to impaired people, then it is possible to refer those technologies as adaptive technologies. The main aims of these systems are substitution of physical assistants and the improvement of typical tools already available for(More)
In recent years the virtual restoration of ancient papyri has become an important research challenge. This is because the papyrus degradation is often very serious, so physical analysis could damage the artifact. In this paper we address the problem of virtual unrolling to read papyrus scroll by avoiding a dangerous physical unrolling. To this aim we(More)
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