Filippo Lauria

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The occurrence and extent of apoptosis in the kidneys of patients with diabetic nephropathy is largely unknown. We evaluated apoptosis in renal biopsies obtained from patients with early or advanced type II diabetic nephropathy. Apoptosis was about 6- and 3-fold higher, respectively, in glomeruli and tubules in kidneys of patients with early nephropathy(More)
OBJECTIVES We have addressed the relationships between inhibition of CD4+ and CD8+ cell apoptosis and CD4+ cell recovery in HIV patients undergoing potent antiretroviral therapy (PART) by correlating apoptosis levels with virological and immunological parameters detected over a long-term period in HIV patients undergoing therapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
The impact of antiretroviral therapy (ART) on immune-reconstitution and its relationship with the complex scenario of multiple cell signaling associated with apoptosis in HIV infection has not yet been fully elucidated. Here we report the results of the analysis of the expression of 13 genes involved in the apoptotic pathway, simultaneously detected by(More)
Although suppression of apoptosis contributes to immune-reconstitution during potent antiretroviral therapy, its relationship with the majors indicators of response to therapy, that is, changes in CD4(+) cell counts and in viral loads (VL), is still debated. We extended our previous study by collecting data on the relationships among apoptosis and(More)