Filippo Graziani

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Altered passive eruption/gummy smile is a common challenge in patients requiring aesthetic treatment. A specific surgical protocol was designed and tested in patients with altered passive eruption. Standardized preoperative X-rays were used to assess crown length at baseline and to place submarginal incisions. Osseous respective therapy was performed to(More)
To compare two methods of ankle evertor muscle reinforcement after ankle sprain: concentric vs eccentric reinforcement. Eighteen subjects practising sport with first episode of ankle sprain. The first randomized group underwent conventional physical therapy including concentric reinforcement of the evertor ankle muscles [concentric group (CG)]. The second(More)
Many carbonyl species from either lipid peroxidation or glycoxidation are extremely reactive and can disrupt the function of proteins and enzymes. 4-hydroxynonenal and methylglyoxal are the most abundant and toxic lipid-derived reactive carbonyl species. The presence of these toxics leads to carbonyl stress and cause a significant amount of macromolecular(More)
Chenopodium album seedling emergence studies were conducted at nine European and two North American locations comparing local populations with a common population from Denmark (DEN-COM). Mortality risk. Weedy plant life history conforms to the time of mortality risk from either the environment (e.g. frozen soil in the winter) or cropping systems practices(More)
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